Stress Management #1 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Many people feel the pressures of everyday life. Stress can impact health and well-being. Maple has developed a Stress Management group program. The program is designed to help participants understand the impacts of stress on their health and learn ways to manage the stress in their life. This program is led by a Mental Health Counsellor.

Introduction to Stress Management

Participation in this program begins with attending a 2-hour “Introduction to Stress Management” session. At that session, participants learn about sources of stress and the link between chronic stress and disease. They are introduced to some ways to manage stress in their lives. The “Introduction to Stress Management” is a prerequisite for attending future modules on specific Stress Management topics.

Space is limited in this group so registration is required. Patients interested in attending an Introduction to Stress Management session will need a referral from their doctor, nurse practitioner or mental health counsellor. Click on "Group Classes" or check the "Calendar of Programs" for dates.

Stress Management Modules

After attending an Introduction to Stress Management, participants are eligible to participate in one or all of the Stress Management Modules that will be offered after the program. Dates and times for the modules will be communicated at the Introduction session.

Topics covered in the Stress Management modules include such things as:

  • Time Management
  • Self-Care
  • Relaxation Training
  • Coping with Worry
  • Challenging Thoughts
  • Assertive Communication


To Register:  

You have attended an "Introduction to Stress Management".  This program is by referral only.


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Event Date 01-24-2023
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