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At Maple we care about your health and we offer many group programs to help keep you healthy.  The group programs are free and are available to patients of Maple.  Dates and times for all groups are listed in the Calendar of Programs.  Space is limited so you must register to attend a group.  To register contact your doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107

In-person group programs are not currently running.

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Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group

Are you struggling with panic attacks, chronic worry or anxiety around social situations?


Common signs of anxiety include:

  • Physical symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle tension, stomach discomfort, racing heart
  • Thoughts such as fear of dying or losing control, excessive worries that you can’t seem to turn off, excessive fears in social situations or in situations where it is difficult to leave, worries that others might think badly of you. 
  • Behavioral symptoms such as avoiding situations out of fear or needing to escape situations that trigger fear. If you can relate to these symptoms, then anxiety might be a problem in your life.

Help is available:

Maple offers a 10 week anxiety treatment group which uses cognitive behaviour therapy to help participants learn practical strategies to deal with the physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviours associated with anxiety. Groups are run periodically during the year and are facilitated by two mental health professionals. What is expected from participants?

  • To commit to attending all sessions (weekly for 10 weeks)
  • To practice strategies learned in sessions and between sessions.  If you would like to participate in the group, or would like to get more information about it, please speak with your physician, nurse or mental health counsellor.


To Join:  You need a referral from your Maple family doctor.


Anxiety Management Follow-up Group

The Anxiety Management Follow-up group is a 1.5 hour session for those who have completed the 10-week group.  It is a chance to review progress, share successes, discuss concepts, and problem solve as needed.


To Join:

If you have completed the 10 week Anxiety Management group, you may register into the follow-up group by calling 613-531-5888 x 1107 or contacting the group leader


Best Weight

In this two-hour session you learn there are many factors that affect your weight and that it is more complex than simply a number on a scale.

This group encourages you to switch your focus away from weight loss and toward thinking about the realistic and lasting lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health.  At this session you will learn some basic tips for healthy eating to fuel your body and the importance of mindful eating, physical activity and sleep.

The Dietitian will also give you information about how to register for group programs, including the 6-session Recipe for Change group, and individual counselling with Maple Dietitians.


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office


Bone HealthThis class is designed for those interested in preventing osteoporosis, those at risk of developing osteoporosis, and for those who have already developed osteoporosis.  Participants attending this group are introduced to several lifestyle measures that can optimize their bone health.

A Dietitian will provide education linking food choices to strong bones.  In addition, the Dietitian will assist each patient with a self-critique of their personalized food record to identify specific areas where changes could be beneficial. Participants will leave with knowledge and skills that help empower them to better manage this health condition in their day-to-day life choices.  Patients will also leave with an assortment of relevant handout material for future reference.


Discussions encourage dialogue among participants and typically reflect the following content:

  • Defining and understanding osteoporosis
  • Myths and Truths about osteoporosis
  • Risk factors for osteoporosis
  • Tips for making healthy life changes specific to osteoporosis
  • Why we need calcium for our bones, and the best food sources to obtain dietary calcium
  • Calcium supplements that are available, and whether or not they should be used
  • Vitamin D's impact on bone health, how much you need, and how to obtain this
  • Why prescription medications are sometimes needed
  • How to tell if your prescription medication for osteoporosis is working
  • Physical activity, the links to strong bones and some cautions to consider

  The program is delivered by a Registered Dietitian.


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107


Brain Health Photo

Our brains are affected by the foods and beverages we consume on a day-to-day basis.  The ability to focus, to make decisions, to have a good memory, to slow the forgetfulness (and dementia) that can accompany aging can be influenced by our food choices. 

This 2 hour presentation discusses the connections between your diet and your brain health.  It includes topics such as the MIND diet, the Mediterranean diet, and some popular foods and supplements that may impact brain function.  You will also have the chance to evaluate your personal eating routines and to have your questions answered. 

This program is led by a Registered Dietitian.


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107 


Diabetes ABCs is a two-part program that is delivered by Diabetes Educators from the Maple Diabetes Prevention and Education Centre. Participants must register for both Part 1 and Part 2.


Diabetes ABCs - Part 1

This 2 hour group program uses the “How Diabetes Works Conversation Map” to discuss the following aspects of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes:

  • How diabetes works, including the role of the pancreas, insulin and glucose
  • What is going on inside the body when diabetes starts to develop and progress
  • The possible complications of diabetes and how managing diabetes can help prevent or delay these complications
  • What good diabetes control means
  • How healthy eating, keeping active and medication can help manage diabetes
  • The importance of a support network and regular diabetes-focused visits with your primary healthcare team and your diabetes education program

This program encourages group participation. The facilitator will fill in any knowledge gaps, answer questions and clarify any misunderstandings about diabetes and related topics.  


Diabetes ABCs - Part 2

This 2 hour group program is a practical, hands-on workshop with emphasis on the lifestyle factors that can help with diabetes management and the prevention of complications.

Activities in this workshop include:

  • Identifying carbohydrate foods and non-carbohydrate foods
  • Using the Diabetes Food Guide to track food intake and to create balanced meals and snacks
  • Participants will learn how to assess their own diet, using a 1 day food record
  • Label reading for carbohydrates
  • Classifying activities as exercise or physical activity
  • Review recommendations for exercise from Diabetes Canada
  • Perform a light resistance band exercise session lead by the diabetes educators

After attending both Part 1 & 2, participants can arrange an office visit with the Maple Diabetes team. 

Programs delivered by the Maple Diabetes Prevention and Education Centre are open to the community. You do not need to be a patient of Maple to attend this program.  


To Register:  Contact Maple Diabetes at 613-531-6086


Your body changes as you get older.  Did you also know that the nutrients your body needs also changes over time?  This class highlights the eating patterns and foods that keep you healthier as you age.

Join us to identify how you can eat better to feel better!

This class is part of the Seniors Aging Well program and is delivered by a Registered Dietitian. Registration is required.


To Register:  Contact you Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107


Eating healthy, and within a budget, takes planning and smart shopping. In this class, participants will learn, and share, tips on how to make sure they are eating nutritious meals and getting the best value for their money when buying food. The class will focus on ways to plan, shop, and cook to eat healthy.  Options for accessing food locally will also be discussed.  This class is led by a Registered Dietitian and a Community Services Worker.


To Register:  Contact you Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107


Heart Health Series

This program is a series of six heart-to-heart classes to help you learn how to eat to power your heart. It is recommended that you start with the first class, Mediterranean Eating, to learn the basics, but you are welcome to come to one or all classes. Finish with Heart Health Leftovers.

"Nothing beats a healthy heart!"


The classes include:

Mediterranean Eating - During this class you will have the opportunity to rate your eating habits using the Mediterranean Diet score.  You will then learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and how to set SMART goals to help you start making changes you can feel confident about!

Shop Heart Smart - This is an opportunity to meet the in-store Dietitian at Loblaws to learn how to SHOP SMART for your HEART when filling up your grocery cart!  

Eat to Lower Blood Pressure - Learn about high blood pressure, risk factors for blood pressure, what your blood pressure numbers mean and what they should be.  Do you know that eating healthy has the biggest impact on your blood pressure?  Here you will learn about different eating approaches such as the DASH and Mediterranean diet as well as ways to reduce the salt content of your diet!

Focus on Fiber - Fiber in your diet can improve both your heart health as well as your general health.  Rate your diet and find out what types of fiber you are eating and whether or not you're getting enough. Then identify changes you can make to boost your intake and get your fiber fix.

Figuring out Fats - Do you know that all fats are not created equally?  Here you will learn about different types of fats, how they affect your heart health and how to choose fats wisely.

Heart Health Leftovers - This is the final class in the series.  In this class you will learn about other lifestyle habits that affect your heart health such as sugar, eating out, alcohol, and exercise.  Here you'll identify a plan to make lasting changes to reduce your risk for heart disease and improve your quality of life.  You'll get a chance to rate your diet again and see how your eating style has improved.

This program is delivered by a Registered Dietitian.


To Register:   Contact your Maple doctor's office


ImmunizationAs we get older, getting immunized is still important. Come learn about the vaccinations recommended for the older adult and when you should be vaccinated. Topics may also include which vaccinations are funded by the Government and payment options if they aren't, managing possible side effects, record keeping, travel vaccination, and more!

This class is led by a Pharmacist and is part of the Seniors Aging Well program.  Registration is required.


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107 


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis.  If affects joints such as the knees, hips, big toes, hands, and spine. This class will provide an overview of the disease, common signs and symptoms, some tips to help you manage osteoarthritis, and resources available to learn more.

This class is facilitated by an Arthritis Society Occupational Therapist and is part of the Seniors Aging Well program. 


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107 


What is healthy eating? How can I improve my eating habits?

If you have questions about how to eat healthy, we have answers. This free, 2-hour class which introduces the Mediterranean Diet is led by a Dietitian. The Mediterranean Diet is an eating approach that has proven health benefits.

In this class participants will learn about eating the Mediterranean way and how to start making changes to their eating habits. This is a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy.

This class is also offered as part of the six-class Heart Health series.  Registration is required.


To Register:  Contact your Maple doctor's office or call 613-531-5888 x 1107 


Have you been told you have prediabetes? This free, 2-hour group program is designed for anyone with prediabetes who is interested in working towards diabetes prevention.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • What it means to have prediabetes or diabetes
  • The risk factors for developing prediabetes and diabetes
  • The health consequences of uncontrolled diabetes
  • Diabetes prevention

This program is delivered by a Registered Dietitian or a Certified Diabetes Educator. 


To Register:  Call Maple Diabetes at 613-531-6086


Recipe for ChangeThis is a six class group program which runs two hours per week.  Over the six classes participants will learn about healthy eating, non-dieting approaches to managing weight.  The program will cover:

  • How to set SMART goals for change
  • How to eat a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle
  • How to interpret food labels with an interactive grocery store tour
  • How to recognize and deal with emotional triggers for eating
  • How to incorporate physical activity into your daily lifestyle

To help keep you on track, monthly follow-up groups (optional) are available to those who complete the Recipe for Change group.


To Register: 

Attend an "Introduction to Best Weight" session or by Dietitian referral


The monthly one-hour follow-up sessions are used to provide ongoing counselling, education and support to help maintain dietary and lifestyle changes over the long term. 


To Register:

You need to complete the Weight Management or Healthy Hearts program, or you have had an individual appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians.


Sleep Problems?  Insomnia is an inadequate quantity or quality of sleep that interferes with normal daytime functioning. For some people, insomnia means difficulty in falling asleep, for others it's difficulty in maintaining sleep, and for still others it's early awakening.


6 Weekly Classes

We will review the content of the classes, review what is and what causes insomnia, and the treatment of insomnia.  Everyone will complete a series of self-report questionnaires that will be reviewed by group leaders so we can learn about your particular sleep problems.

Stimulus Control Therapy:
Reconnecting your Bed with Sleep

Relaxing your Mind and Body:
Learning strategies for relaxing your body and mind at bedtime to help you drift off to sleep

Sleep Restriction Therapy:
Shifting the time you sleep until you get a satisfying, refreshing amount of sleep

Cognitive Therapy:
How negative thoughts impact your ability to fall asleep. Building new "thought habits" around sleep


Referral is required to participate in this program. 

Contact your Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Mental Health Counsellor to be referred.



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