Prescription Renewal

Help us to help you.

Plan in advance.  Order your medicines at least one week before you need them.

How do I renew my medication?

If you need a renewal on your prescription you may not need to see your doctor.  Simply call your pharmacy and have them send a fax request to renew your medication.

How long does this take?

Prescriptions are usually ready to be picked up at the pharmacy in about 3 business days.

What else do I need to know?

Your doctor will check to ensure that this medication is appropriate for you. You may be required to book an appointment if you have not seen your doctor in a while or if this is a medication that you do not normally receive. 

For your safety, we do not routinely call-in antibiotics or other prescriptions to treat acute illnesses over the phone. We ask you to come to the office so we can properly evaluate you and treat you in a safe and effective manner.


** Please remember that prescription renewals are not done at the Maple After Hours Clinic.