Regular immunization is an ongoing part of patient care at the Maple Family Health Team.  Immunization against disease helps in the prevention of disease.  Most immunizations can be performed in your physician’s office. 

Ontario’s Routine Immunization Schedule provides information about the free immunization programs for children and adults.  KFL&A Public Health’s Immunization page also offers helpful information.


Childhood Immunization

Most routine childhood immunizations can be administered at your family physician’s office.  Some immunizations are administered in schools by Public Health nurses.  For more information on school based immunization see Elementary and Secondary School immunizations.  A child’s Immunization Record is maintained by Public Health and information about how to report your child’s immunizations to Public Health is available on their website.


Adult Immunization

Routine adult immunizations can be administered in your physician’s office.  Contact your family physician if you have questions about these or other adult immunizations.


Travel Immunization

Immunizations required for travel to a foreign country are not publicly funded and determining what is needed can be complex.  This is a specialized service not offered by Maple.  The KFL&A Public Health website lists local businesses that offer travel immunization services.


Influenza Immunization

Seasonal influenza vaccination begins in the fall, typically starting in October or November, as vaccine is made available through Public Health.  Each year Maple and our physician offices determine the best way(s) to offer influenza vaccine to their patients.  Maple’s Flu Shot Vaccination web page is updated each fall with current details.


COVID-19 Immunization

Maple meets regularly with KFL&A Public Health regarding COVID-19 vaccination.  Maple’s COVID-19 Vaccination web page provides current details.