COVID-19 Updates

As you are aware, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now present in Ontario.  It is linked to travel to countries outside of Canada, including the USA and causes illness ranging from a mild cold to severe respiratory distress.  Click Here to take the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.  We are anticipating community spread will be impacting our location soon (if not already), without any history of travel.  Please practice safe distancing and wash your hands.

When the symptoms are MILD to MODERATE, it is impossible to differentiate from our common colds, cough and influenza.  There is NO treatment for this illness in the MILD to MODERATE stage other than keeping hydrated and taking over the counter medication as needed.

Public Health Ontario is recommending that all persons with MILD-MODERATE viral symptoms should isolate themselves at home until their symptoms have completely resolved for at least 24 hours.  PEOPLE WHO HAVE TRAVELED OUTSIDE OF CANADA, or from an impacted area, MUST SELF-ISOLATE FOR 14 DAYS AND MONITOR FOR SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19.  If you develop symptoms, you must stay in isolation for another 14 days from the onset of those symptoms.  You cannot leave home until you are symptom-free for 24 hours.

Should you develop more SEVERE symptoms such as Shortness of Breath or Dehydration, use your discretion as to which of the following is the best option for seeking treatment:

    • CALL your family doctor's office for further advice
    • Book an Appointment with the Kingston COVID-19 Assessment Centre:  Beechgrove Complex - 51 Heakes Lane  9:00 am - 4:00 pm daily
    • CALL Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000
    • CALL 911 and let the dispatcher know you have potential symptoms of COVID-19


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