Heart Health Series

Heart Health Series

This program is a series of six heart-to-heart classes to help you learn how to eat to power your heart. It is recommended that you start with the first class, Mediterranean Eating, to learn the basics, but you are welcome to come to one or all classes. Finish with Heart Health Leftovers.

"Nothing beats a healthy heart!"


The classes include:

Mediterranean Eating - During this class you will have the opportunity to rate your eating habits using the Mediterranean Diet score.  You will then learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and how to set SMART goals to help you start making changes you can feel confident about!

Shop Heart Smart - This is an opportunity to meet the in-store Dietitian at Loblaws to learn how to SHOP SMART for your HEART when filling up your grocery cart!  

Eat to Lower Blood Pressure - Learn about high blood pressure, risk factors for blood pressure, what your blood pressure numbers mean and what they should be.  Do you know that eating healthy has the biggest impact on your blood pressure?  Here you will learn about different eating approaches such as the DASH and Mediterranean diet as well as ways to reduce the salt content of your diet!

Focus on Fiber - Fiber in your diet can improve both your heart health as well as your general health.  Rate your diet and find out what types of fiber you are eating and whether or not you're getting enough. Then identify changes you can make to boost your intake and get your fiber fix.

Figuring out Fats - Do you know that all fats are not created equally?  Here you will learn about different types of fats, how they affect your heart health and how to choose fats wisely.

Heart Health Leftovers - This is the final class in the series.  In this class you will learn about other lifestyle habits that affect your heart health such as sugar, eating out, alcohol, and exercise.  Here you'll identify a plan to make lasting changes to reduce your risk for heart disease and improve your quality of life.  You'll get a chance to rate your diet again and see how your eating style has improved.

This program is delivered by a Registered Dietitian.


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