Sun 26 Jan 2020


Image of blue disabled signMaple Family Health Team’s (Maple’s) goal is to provide services in a way that is inclusive of all persons and treats all members of the community in an equitable manner.

In working toward this goal, Maple will strive to provide support for, and facilitate the accommodation of individuals with disabilities so that all may share the same level of access to Maple’s services. Maple will work to eliminate or minimize the adverse effects of barriers, including attitudinal, structural, technological, systemic and/or communication berries that may prevent the full participation of individuals with disabilities. Maple will strive to educate its employees on how barriers can be minimized to provide services to persons with disabilities.

Maple will strive to remain open to suggestions concerning the ways in which we can provide services to our patients.

Documentation for you:

Patients or community members requiring more information about our commitment to persons with disabilities may request the following documents from their clinic, or find them below. Maple's Accessibility Plan can be found here


Maple’s Statement of Commitment Regarding Persons with Disabilities Maple’s AODA Customer Service Standard Policy Maple’s guidelines on our Customer Service Standard Training Program for Employees


How to contact us:

Any questions, concerns or complaints about our accessibility of services may be directed to the Accessibility Officer in any of the following ways:


Via e-mail:
By phone:
613-531-5888 ext. 1101
By mail:
Accessibility Officer
Maple Family Health Team
1036 Princess St., Unit D2
Kingston, ON K7L 1H2


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