Diabetes ABCs Part 1 9:00am - 11:00am

Diabetes ABCs is a two-part program that is delivered by Diabetes Educators from the Maple Diabetes Prevention and Education Centre. Participants must register for both Part 1 and Part 2.


Diabetes ABCs - Part 1

This 2 hour group program uses the “How Diabetes Works Conversation Map” to discuss the following aspects of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes:

  • How diabetes works, including the role of the pancreas, insulin and glucose
  • What is going on inside the body when diabetes starts to develop and progress
  • The possible complications of diabetes and how managing diabetes can help prevent or delay these complications
  • What good diabetes control means
  • How healthy eating, keeping active and medication can help manage diabetes
  • The importance of a support network and regular diabetes-focused visits with your primary healthcare team and your diabetes education program

This program encourages group participation. The facilitator will fill in any knowledge gaps, answer questions and clarify any misunderstandings about diabetes and related topics.  


Diabetes ABCs - Part 2

This 2 hour group program is a practical, hands-on workshop with emphasis on the lifestyle factors that can help with diabetes management and the prevention of complications.

Activities in this workshop include:

  • Identifying carbohydrate foods and non-carbohydrate foods
  • Using the Diabetes Food Guide to track food intake and to create balanced meals and snacks
  • Participants will learn how to assess their own diet, using a 1 day food record
  • Label reading for carbohydrates
  • Classifying activities as exercise or physical activity
  • Review recommendations for exercise from Diabetes Canada
  • Perform a light resistance band exercise session lead by the diabetes educators

After attending both Part 1 & 2, participants can arrange an office visit with the Maple Diabetes team. 

Programs delivered by the Maple Diabetes Prevention and Education Centre are open to the community. You do not need to be a patient of Maple to attend this program.  


To Register:  Contact Maple Diabetes at 613-531-6086


Event Properties

Event Date 08-12-2020
Location Maple Family Health Team
1036 Princess St. Unit D2, Kingston, Ontario


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