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If you have an appointment or medical request please contact your physician's clinic.  If you cannot attend your scheduled appointment please call your physician's clinic ahead of time to cancel so someone else can use the appointment time which had been reserved for you.

Clinic Phone Numbers:

Clergy Street Family Physicians


Maple Centre Health Clinic


Lakeside Physicians


Reddendale Family Health Centre


Rideau Family Medical Centre


Willow Family Health


Inter-Disciplinary Health Professionals:

Mental Health Team

Dr. S. Buchanan, PhD, C. Psych.

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Ms. B. Allen, MSW, RSW, OCT

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Dr. R. Fitzpatrick, Psychiatrist

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Ms. J. Hamilton, MSW, RSW

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Dr. D. Hamer, MD, FRCPC

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Ms. K. Rooney, MSW, RSW

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Nutrition Services

Ms. R. Ennis, RD

 613-531-5888 x 1114

Ms. D. Pinder, RD, MPH

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Respiratory Therapist

Ms. E. Cochrane, RRT, CRE

 613-531-5888 x 1102


Ms. B. Braceland, RPh, BScPhm

Community Services Worker

Ms. J. Boughen


Ontario Telemedicine Network

Clinical Telemedicine Nurse

 613-542-2949 x 1170

Maple Administrative Phone Numbers:

Executive Director / Chief Privacy Officer

 Ms. A. Miller

 613-531-5888 x 1101

Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist

 Mr. C. Kemp

 613-531-5888 x 1107

Finance Manager

 613-531-5888 x 1104

Human Resources Manager

 613-531-5888 x 1102

Program Manager (Clinical)

 613-531-5888 x 1103

Administrative Coordinator

 613-531-5888 x 1105

IT/EMR Administrator

 613-531-5888 x 1108

Team Programs Receptionist

 613-531-5888 x 1107


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In-person group programs are not currently running.  

After Hours Clinic

Patient Registration:

Monday - Thursday:  4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday:  8:15 am - 10:30 am

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