COVID-19 Immunization Clinic Appointments


You are eligible to book an appointment if you meet any of the criterion listed on the Public Health Website:


Please Read This Before Booking Your Appointment:

  • 12 hours prior to your appointment, you must take and pass the COVID-19 screening assessment provided here
  • On the day of your appointment, you will be screened at the door for COVID-19 before being allowed entry into the facility.
  • Patients scheduled for an appointment are to follow the Clinic Guidelines below.  Click here if you would like to print a copy of these instructions.  
  • Please be advised that your booking and identifying information will be shared with Public Health for the purposes of monitoring vaccine distribution.
  • To book an appointment please use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari or an updated browser on your Android or iPhone.
  • By booking an appointment online you agree that you will complete a COVID-19 screening assessment as described above and have read and understand the Clinic Guidelines below:


Clinic Guidelines:

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  
  • Arrive with a mask and wear it.  Only patients wearing a mask will be allowed entry.
  • Wear accessible clothing. Immunizations will be given in a public space that offers no privacy. Please wear a t-shirt under your coat.
  • Bring your cell phone along with your health card.
  • Attend only if you are feeling well and have no symptoms of a cold, flu or covid-19.  If you do not feel well, stay home.  If you do not pass the screening at the door, you will not be allowed to enter the clinic. 
  • Be respectful to the staff and volunteers at the clinic.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please follow the Cancel Appointment link in your confirmation.


 Booking Your Appointment:

  • If you are unable to print the Consent Form, please bring a paper with the following details for registration:

Your name 
Phone number
Email address
Family Doctor  (first & last name)

  • Bring your cell phone (if you have one) into the Memorial Centre as it will be needed to book your 2nd appointment.
  • If you have already booked an appointment elsewhere, please do not book another appointment here.