Changeways Depression Program #1 9:30am - 11:30am

Anxiety Management

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group

Are you struggling with low mood, feelings of hopelessness or get little pleasure from things you use to enjoy?


Common signs of depression include:

  • Physical symptoms such as fatigue or loss of energy, significant weight loss or gain, insomnia, and a lack of interest in exercise.
  • Thoughts such as a strong tendency to focus on the negative, difficulty making decisions, becoming easily overwhelmed, difficulty with concentration or memory. 
  • Behavioral symptoms such as a tendency to do very little since nothing seems enjoyable, withdrawing from social activities, allowing chores to build up.
  • If you can relate to these symptoms, then depression might be a problem in your life.

Help is available:

Maple offers a 8 week anxiety treatment group which uses cognitive behaviour therapy to help participants learn practical strategies to deal with the physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviours associated with depression. Groups are run periodically during the year and are facilitated by two mental health professionals. What is expected from participants?

  • To commit to attending all sessions (weekly for 8 weeks)
  • To practice strategies learned in sessions and between sessions.  If you would like to participate in the group, or would like to get more information about it, please speak with your physician, nurse or mental health counsellor.


To Join:  You need a referral from your Maple family doctor.


Event Properties

Event Date 09-19-2023
Location Maple Family Health Team
1036 Princess St. Unit D2, Kingston, Ontario


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