Telephone Health Advisory Service


Free Access to a Registered Nurse:   1-866-553-7205 


What is the Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS)?

THAS is a free, confidential telephone service available to patients enrolled with Maple when your clinic is closed. 

When you call, a Registered Nurse will assess your symptoms and help you decide your best first step.  We can help you decide whether to care for yourself, make an appointment with your doctor, go to a clinic, contact the on-call physician, contact a community service, or go to a hospital emergency room.  

When Should I Call?

Help is available when your doctor’s office is closed:

  • Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 9 am  
  • Weekends from Friday 5 pm to Monday 9 am
  • 24 hours a day on holidays


A call to the Telephone Health Advisory Service does not replace 911 - that's always the first number you should call in emergency situations.